new piece of art ‘Different Colours, Different Shades’

'different colours, different shades'
‘different colours, different shades’ including original album cover from joy division’s ‘unknown pleasures’.

joy division-unknown pleasures-different colours, different shades-3joy division-unknown pleasures-different colours, different shades-2

Unknown Pleasures! the iconic album from Joy Division. i used the original vintage album cover in this art work as i do in all my art works in this album cover art series, entitled ‘absence’.
in this serie, i use an original vintage album cover to create a new piece of art by painting on the glass pane in front of it, so that the original album cover will not be touched.

in this particular work i only painted a small black rectangle on the position where the very famous ‘logo’ of this sleeve is. everybody who loves this album knows this must be the iconic album from Joy Division (textured sleeve which can be recognized as the original one).

for each art work in this serie there’s a ltd. edition of 33 handmade copies (the number refers to 33rpm used on vinyl albums). all signed and numbered on the back of the art work
please notice that round stamp in corner is not part of the original art work

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date created:

collage, this piece of art is mixed media


glass, other

conceptual, pop art, minimalism, modern, street art

pop culture/celebrity

h 33 / w 33 / d 2 centimeters